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Colorado Football Top 12

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To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the University of Colorado's first All-American in football, Byron "Whizzer" White, KOA and CUBuffs.com are conducting a fan competition to select 12 of the best players since White to wear the Buffalo uniform.

We have broken down the candidates into six groups, and fans will select two from each to "share the spotlight." Thus two players from the following areas will be voted on to come up with a dozen Buffaloes since 1937 who have excelled at their positions: offensive skill (quarterback, tailback and receiver), offensive line (tackle, guard, center and tight end), defensive line (end, tackle, nose guard), linebacker (inside/outside), defensive back and specialists.

For a player to be listed in a group, he must have been named a first- or second team All-American, earned multiple first-team All-Conference honors, had a distinguished NFL career, or be at or very near the top on CU's all-time statistical lists.

Required Fields are in Bold

Bobby Anderson, QB/TB (1967-69)
John Bayuk, FB (1954-56)
Frank Bernardi, HB (1951-54)
Eric Bieniemy, TB (1987-90)
Chris Brown, TB (2001-02)
Rae Carruth, WR (1992-96)
Hugh Charles, TB (2004-07)
Charlie Davis, TB (1971-73)
Koy Detmer, QB (1992-96)
Boyd Dowler, QB/WR (1957-59)
Carroll Hardy, HB (1951-54)
Darian Hagan, QB (1988-91)
Cody Hawkins, QB (2007-10)
Charles E. Johnson, WR (1990-93)
Joel Klatt, QB (2002-05)
Dave Logan, WR (1972-75)
Bo Matthews, FB (1971-73)
Scotty McKnight, WR (2007-10)
Emery Moorehead, WR (1973-76)
Mike Pritchard, WR (1987-90)
Bobby Purify, TB (2000-04)
Tony Reed, RB (1975-76)
Rashaan Salaam, TB (1992-94)
Bob Stransky, RB (1955-57)
Kordell Stewart, QB (1991-94)
Rodney Stewart, TB (2008-11)
Bill Waddy, TB (1973-76)
Lamont Warren, TB (1991-93)
Gale Weidner, QB (1959-61)
Michael Westbrook, WR (1991-94)
OT, G, C, TE
Brad Bedell, OG (1998-99)
Don Branby, E (1949-52)
Pete Brock, C (1973-75)
Stan Brock, OT (1976-79)
J.V. Cain, TE (1971-73)
Jon Embree, TE (1983-86)
Christian Fauria, TE (1991-94)
Joe Garten, OG (1987-90)
Andre Gurode, OG (1998-01)
Daniel Graham, TE (1998-01)
Don Hasselbeck, TE (1973-76)
Jerry Hillebrand, E (1959-61)
Heath Irwin, OG (1993-96)
Gary Knafelc, E (1951-53)
Mark Koncar, OT (1973-75)
Matt Lepsis, TE (1992-96)
Jay Leeuwenburg, C (1988-91)
Wayne Lucier, C/OG (2001-02)
Matt Miller, OT (1975-78)
Ryan Miller, OG (2007-11)
Mike Montler, OG (1966-68)
Chris Naeole, OG (1993-96)
Don Popplewell, C (1968-70)
Victor Rogers, OT (1998-01)
Joe Romig , OG/LB (1959-61)
Nate Solder, OT (2007-10)
Bryan Stoltenberg, C (1992-95)
Kirk Tracy, OG (1965-67)
Mark Vander Poel, OT (1987-90)
Leon White, C/OG (1974-77)
John Wooten, OG (1956-58)
Jake Zumbach, OT (1970-72)
Troy Archer, DT (1974-75)
Justin Bannan, DT (1998-01)
Tyler Brayton, DT (1999-02)
Bill Brundige, DE (1967-69)
Shannon Clavelle, DT (1992-94)
Sam Harris, DE (1964-66)
Kerry Hicks, DT (1992-95)
Garry Howe, DT (1989-90)
Ryan Olson, DT (1994-97)
Herb Orvis, DE (1969-71)
Whitney Paul, DE (1973-75)
Kyle Rappold, NT (1985-87)
Leonard Renfro, DT (1990-92)
Laval Short, DT (1976-79)
Joel Steed, NT (1988-91)
Arthur Walker, DT (1986-89)
Greg Biekert, ILB (1989-92)
Chad Brown, OLB (1989-92)
Brian Cabral, ILB (1974-77)
Jordan Dizon, ILB (2004-07)
Ted Johnson, ILB (1991-94)
Michael Jones, ILB (1986-89)
Bud Magrum, ILB (1971-72)
Eric McCarty, ILB (1984-87)
Kanavis McGhee, OLB (1987-90)
Barry Remington, ILB (1982-86)
Matt Russell, ILB (1993-96)
Jashon Sykes, ILB (1998-01)
Alfred Williams, OLB (1987-90)
Ron Woolfork, OLB (1990-93)
Dick Anderson, S (1965-67)
Ronnie Bradford, CB (1989-92)
Tom Brookshier, CB (1950-52)
Cullen Bryant, CB (1970-72)
Deon Figures, CB (1988-92)
Mark Haynes, CB (1976-79)
Chris Hudson, CB (1991-94)
Hale Irwin, S (1964-66)
Tim James, S (1987-90)
Michael Lewis, S (1998-01)
Dave McCloughan, CB (1987-90)
Mike McCoy, DB (1974-75)
Pat Murphy, DB (1968-70)
Mickey Pruitt, S (1984-87)
Steve Rosga, S (1993-96)
Victor Scott, CB (1980-83)
John Stearns, S (1970-72)
Terrence Wheatley, CB (2003-07)
Damen Wheeler, CB (1996-99)
Jeremy Aldrich, PK (1996-99)
Mitch Berger, P/PK (1991-93)
Cliff Branch, WR/KR (1970-71)
Jeff Campbell, WR/KR (1986-89)
Mason Crosby, PK (2003-06)
Keith English, P (1985-88)
Charlie Greer, CB/KR (1965-67)
Barry Helton, P (1984-87)
Roman Hollowell, WR/KR (1998-01)
Zack Jordan, P (1950-52)
Ben Kelly, CB/KR (1997-99)
Mark Mariscal, P/PK (1998-02)
Tom Rouen, P (1989-90)
John Torp, P (2002-05)
Neil Voskeritchian, PK (1994-95)